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Sea Gull Stadium no more


Editorial Editor

Sea Gull Stadium, the proud new addition to the Salisbury University, is no longer going to be a proud new addition to the University. With only roughly a week before the stadium was set for its grand opening, the decision to tear it down has been made because of a poorly laid foundation.

While this comes as a shock to many, the writing has been on the wall for quite a while to others. Being built on the marshiest portion of campus, the stadium just will not be able to hold its own weight on the land, ultimately posing a risk.

“We had been looking for ways to curb the risks, but ultimately it just was not going to happen. It’s just not,” said local marshtologist John Swamp.

Just this morning the decision to tear it down passed the Board, and over the next few weeks the stadium will be deconstructed and the area shut down for complete renovation as the University attempts to restructure the land.

The Board also mentioned the possibility of, instead of trying to rebuild in the same spot, moving the stadium completely to a different location. The location is still undetermined, but a couple spots were briefly brought up, including moving the stadium right behind Maggs gym, replacing the Quad, and moving it right outside of Downtown Salisbury.

According to experts called in these spots would offer the most stable ground for SS to be build on.
SU hopes to have the old stadium torn down within the next month, and the new stadium to begin production before the end of 2016, tentatively being finished before 2020. The Board says, however, that safety comes first and that will dictate how fast the new location and production can begin.

Due to the extra precautions being taken, the new stadium might cost a little more than the original. While the first stadium only cost roughly $19 million, the estimated price of the new stadium will run anywhere between $20 million and $31 million in hopes of cementing the safety concerns.

After this the originally planned $10 million for renovations of the athletic fields will be applied to making a new athletic field for the stadium, bringing the estimated final price between $30 million and $41 million.

Keep following The Flyer for updates as the story progresses.

April fools.

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