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Keeping Up with Kanye


Staff Writer

Kanye West is a rare kind of individual who basks in the glory of his own self obsession. Most people, despite being perfectly narcissistic on the inside, have the desire to portray some semblance of humility to the outside world.

This is not observed in the case of Kanye. He’s the loud mouth egotistical rapper everyone loves to hate, proudly proclaiming himself to be “Shakespeare in the flesh” and “the new Steve jobs”.

He is the human equivalent of a peacock and may or may not actually be as great as he says, but that is up to personal opinion. The question of Kanye’s supposed greatness is irrelevant to the real point. Kanye believes he is great, and in this concept is a lesson we can all learn. Creation, artistry and collaborations are all ways to contribute creatively in this world, and these are all things Kanye is doing.

He is adding his voice to the world. Albeit a pompous, sometimes arrogant and annoying voice, but a voice all the same. People tend to talk about achieving large life goals, such as writing the next great American novel, or possibly becoming a top chef, in general discussing the ways they will add to this world through creativity and talent.

There are not very many people, however, who actually follow through. Perhaps a little dash of Kanye esque self-obsession could help us all accomplish our dreams. Without confidence in yourself, little can be achieved. It is easy to dismiss Kanye as a true artist if one solely focuses on his union between the Kardashian clan, or his often times ridiculous tweets.

Despite his public appearance in the media, Kanye is a creator. He is an innovator within the music industry, whether or not personal opinion lends you in his favor. He has reached a form of self-actualization through the creation of his art, and we could all take steps to do the same.

Believing in your own ability to produce meaningful work is the first step in the actual production of said work. Kanye believing in Kanye does not lessen his level of talent, or the value of the art he creates. Creations are subjective anyways, whether it is the Starry Night painting or the “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album.

Mocking Kanye is not a hard feat, as he provides us all with a constant stream of outlandish remarks and actions. But in delving deeper to look at his 21 Grammy nominations, two seasons of Yeezy at New York Fashion Week, and worldwide notoriety, we should turn in and question our own personal levels of contribution to society.

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