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Summer Break for the win

Editor in Chief

Upsets, buzzer beaters, Cinderella stories and pure love for the game. Normally what you think of when you hear the words “March Madness”.
But this bracket had nothing to do with basketball. The Random Salisbury College Life Things Bracket that The Flyer started began Thursday afternoon featured… you guessed it, the most random Salisbury University things.
Each matchup was tweeted in the form of a Twitter poll from The Flyer’s twitter account, @suflyer, with several hours given for each one.
Anyone outside of the Salisbury area who saw the contest’s Twitter polls probably had no idea what some of the things in the tournament were, but some generic college things made the tournament.
Summer Break, Getting a Job and Beer were obvious one seeds, while Cookout grabbed the remaining one seed in region number one. Among some of the other 64 things were Warehouse (3), The Bay Bridge (9), Route 13 (13), Greek Life (5), Strips of fire (4), Lazy Professors (14), ‘Bury Nature (13), GUC Events (11), Maggs (8) and Salisbury rain (16).
The first round was March Madness at its finest. Five double-digit seeds won, knocking out a few notable seeds, but none was more surprising than lazy professors taking down Career Services (3) with 57 percent of the vote.
The most lopsided affairs in the first round were Summer Break and the Salisbury Zoo (5) annihilating SU spam emails (16) and campus parking (12), both receiving 94 percent.
The Salisbury Zoo even rallied far enough to get past House Parties (4) in the second round. Nobody is allowed to call Salisbury University a party school anymore.
Although Beer absolutely crushed its first two opponents, beating Finals Week (16) with 78 percent and Gullfest (8) with 81 percent, (sorry Jason Derulo.)
Ocean City trumped SU Athletics (4) in a second round upset, claiming 59 percent. Maybe if War on the Shore was not scheduled for Spring Break every year than students would have more school spirit.
The new Sea Gull Stadium made a run of its own though, easily defeating Devilbiss Hall (14) with 90 percent of the vote in round one, and edging by Saferide with 55 percent on Friday, eventually making it all the way to the Elite Eight.
There were too many hot takes on twitter to go around.
In what could be the most embarrassing loss of the whole tournament was freshman (11) losing to squirrels (6), who won with 84 percent.
Despite there just being two SU Snapchat Filters, they roared past Greek Life and Rise Up coffee (4) making it to the Elite Eight as well. Snapchat Filters then defeated School Clubs to advance to the Final Four with Summer Break, Gull’s Nest and of course, Cookout, who defeated Helpful Professors, Sea Gull Stadium and Squirrels.
The number one seeds had no problem in the semi-final matchups, much like Villanova and the University of North Carolina in the division one men’s tournament.
The stage was set for the number one seeds, Cookout and Summer Break. It was the three months of sunshine that came through with 59 percent of the vote.
In the end, it was the three months of sunshine and no school that won the college bracket. Apparently the three months students are not on campus is their favorite thing about college. But hey, that probably goes for most students.
In 43 days, SU students will get what triumphed their bracket.

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