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Student Spotlight: Brian Nieves, trivia buff


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Most people might not know that the dictionary origin of the word “trivia” comes from a Latin word meaning the place where three roads meet.

Brian Nieves knows that, and a lot more.

Anyone walking into Manokin Hall at 7:30 p.m. on a weeknight can expect to see Nieves downstairs in the lounge watching Jeopardy.

They can also expect to see him getting most of the questions right. Nieves is well known around the residence hall for being a big fan of game shows and trivia.

His love for game shows first started because it was something to do in his spare time and by watching the original “Chain Reaction,” on Game Show Network.

“Why not just submerge myself in the game show world as much as I can?” Nieves said.

Nieves discovered he was good at trivia when he came to Salisbury University as a freshman in fall of 2015. He said he likes trivia because he has a knack for picking up facts and because he is good at it, something that many people can’t claim.

Nieves started studying trivia at SU after thinking, “maybe this is something I can work with.”

Students could expect to see Nieves at Trivia Night, which is held by GUC Events every Thursday at 7 p.m. in Gull’s Nest. One of his favorite things about Trivia Night is that it’s easier for him to remember the things he gets wrong then it is when he watches Jeopardy.

Trivia Night is more involved for Nieves because he is actually there answering the questions.

“I’m invested in this so I’m probably going to remember it,” he said.

For example, he recalled going to Trivia Night for the first time and getting a question wrong about Marvin Gaye.

“I still remember it,” Nieves said.

One way Nieves learns new trivia is by reading Ken Jennings’s Trivia Almanac, which contains 8,888 trivia questions. Nieves is in the process of creating a trivia study guide by writing down the answers to the questions in the almanac.

He even takes specific classes because he thinks it will help him in his trivia knowledge.

Trivial Pursuit is also something Nieves enjoys and gains knowledge from.

“It’s a mix of fun…and actually learning new facts,” Nieves said.

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    This guy…man when he was just 9 years old he was kicking my butt in EVERY board game he played me in. He used to read books that contained various lists..the presidents listed by D.O.B. or hometown….states listed by their size…he had them all memorized. He was fascinating!

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