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Debate heats up between SGA candidates


Staff Writer

Salisbury University’s Student Government Association held the 2016-2017 SGA executive board candidate debate on Sunday, April 3.

The candidates debated topics on campus sustainability and enhancing student involvement in SGA. There are 12 candidates campaigning for 11 positions on the SGA executive board.

Bryan Marks, SGA treasurer, was impressed with the candidates’ ideas for sustainability during the debate.

“I thought it was awesome how they want to promote sustainability and improve the Green Fund and actually use the Green Fund,” Marks said.

The Green Fund provides grants to SU students with sustainability initiatives. The sustainability fee of $6-a-year is included in SU tuition.

Julia Howell, SGA’s current vice president of sustainability is running for SGA president. Howell believes sustainability activities, such as Earth Week will continue to connect the student body.

“Sustainability is a positive thing to work for by having students care about an issue and work toward resolving,” Howell said. “They can come together and really make a difference because it’s overall beneficial to everyone on campus.”

Lael Kelley, an SGA senator is running for vice president of university affairs. Kelley says to engage the student body, SGA must build a trust in each student.

“We need to better advertise the text service we have,” Kelley said. “That allows any student to directly text members of SGA with any concerns, questions and issues they have regarding SU and or the SGA.”

SGA President Tyler Gibson is excited to hear the candidates’ points-of-view during elections. Gibson encourages the student body to vote.

“I would encourage students to vote in the elections because it is important to know who is representing them on a daily basis both on campus and in the community,” Gibson said. “Even when positions are unopposed, it is still crucial to vote because it serves as a way to become familiar with the candidates.”

Candidates began campaigning last Wednesday. Votes are cast electronically April 13-15. Election results will be announced via campus email April 15.

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