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Where is John Goodman’s Oscar?


Staff Writer

Americans rejoiced during the most recent Oscar ceremony when Leonardo DiCaprio accepted his award for best actor. After years of acting and social media hype, DiCaprio finally got his just desserts.

Now that he has an Oscar and his fans are satisfied, it is time to shift our focus on another Oscar-less actor who has been unfairly ignored by the academy: John Goodman.

Goodman is an actor whose career has spanned over three decades and a variety of genres. Within those decades, he has portrayed characters ranging from a disgruntled Vietnam veteran in “The Big Lebowski,” a makeup artist that helped save six hostages in “Argo” and even a monster hiding in a child’s closet in both “Monsters Inc.” and “Monsters University.”

Most recently, Goodman portrayed a paranoid survivalist in “10 Cloverfield Lane.” Even with an impressive resume tied to his name, this performance may be his most Oscar-worthy.

With a cast of only three characters, Goodman’s presence is eerily palpable and the audience feels every bit of fear and distress that his character uses to take advantage of his fellow survivors. When watching this movie, one forgets that they are watching the lovable patriarch from “Roseanne” and are all but engrossed by the chilling actions that the character Howard Stambler commits.

When talking about Goodman, it should be mentioned that he is not the only actor that is deserving of an Oscar. Such acclaimed performers as Gary Oldman, Will Smith and Edward Norton have also been snubbed at the Academy Awards.

While all three of those men are overdue for Oscar recognition, Goodman especially deserves to be awarded, not only for his raw versatility as a comedic and dramatic actor, but also for his most recent performance.

Now that Leonardo DiCaprio has an Oscar, it is time for us to rally behind a new overlooked thespian. For giving life to Walter Sobchak, “Sulley” Sullivan and countless other characters, it is impossible not to applaud John Goodman and hope that the academy gives him the recognition he deserves by awarding him an Oscar in the next Oscar ceremony.

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