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90s Nostalgia Wave Hits the ‘Bury


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Childhood nostalgia seems to be sweeping the nation, and the Salisbury University campus is no exception.

With television shows like “Full House” and “Boy Meets World” getting their own spinoffs, it seems that no show, no matter how beloved, is entirely exempt from a reboot.

When asked to reminisce about their favorite childhood shows, SU students’ favorite programs varied in age. Some shows were made in the 1960s, while others were from the early 2000s. Some students had a special place in their hearts for older cartoons. Junior Naykia Covington enjoyed watching “Scooby Doo” because it was a little bit older and because the characters had such memorable voices.

Now that “Scooby Doo” has been remade several times, Covington feels as though some of the show’s original magic has been lost.

“They make the characters look different and now they’re making Scooby sound different,” Covington said. “That’s what makes me mad. The mysteries aren’t how they used to be, I liked it how it was.”

Some students said they enjoyed watching cartoons because it was an opportunity to spend time with a family member. Parents sometimes introduced their children to shows that they had watched growing up.

“I like ‘Tom and Jerry’ mostly because growing up I used to watch a lot of cartoons with my mother,” sophomore Steven Williams said. “She’s older, so she likes the older cartoons. We watched a lot of Boomerang shows, those classic cartoons, so that’s what got me into the classics.”

Some SU students even dreamed of being on their favorite television show. Junior Sam Pincus wanted to be on “Nickelodeon GUTS,” a competitive reality show from the 90s.

“It looked like the kind of fun that any kid would be lucky to be a part of,” Pincus said. “If you’d ever seen any of those old-school 90s Nickelodeon shows that’s where it would be at.”

Even though some SU students were younger when some of their favorite cartoons were released, they were still able to find an appreciation for the lessons that the shows taught them. Junior Veronica Sesvold said that her favorite show, “Jackie Chan Adventures,” taught her a lot.

“It had good morals in it,” Sesvold said. “At the end you got a one-on-one with actual Jackie Chan kind of just leading kids through their daily lives or struggles that they might face or anti-bullying messages.”

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