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School Spotlight: Career Services


Staff Writer

While walking through the GUC, a lot of students usually make a bee-line to Cool Beans in an effort to get their crucial caffeine boost to get through the day.

But right around the corner from Cool Beans is a surplus of resources and knowledge that can be very beneficial to a student’s future if they choose to take advantage of it- Career Services.

“It’s so heartbreaking,” employer-relations coordinator Crystal Dickerson said. “We need a big, flashing welcome sign that screams ‘You need us!’”

Career Services offers a variety of services to SU students and alumni undergrad and post-graduation. Yet, many students won’t even walk through the doors in the four years they spend at the university.

The professionals at Career Services are qualified to help students in any and all career endeavors, and it won’t cost students a dime.

“We want to help students reach goals and get a job after college,” grad student Daquan Mincy said. “My goal is to help students not have to live paycheck to paycheck.”

Mincy is an education major with a BA in psychology who applied for the grad-assistantship at Career Services. Dickerson has a great detail of experience in different industries such as business, retail and education.

“We try to stay on the cutting edge of the employment industry,” Dickerson said. “The industry is constantly changing and we try to stay as updated as we can.”

Career Services holds several networking events and workshops each semester. The biggest events held by Career Services are the job fairs where employers come to SU in search of interns and employees.

Other services include everything from help editing a resume or cover letter to setting up a mock interview. People will come to Career Services for advice on how to graduate on time and to choose a major they love.

“Usually I’ll ask students who come in ‘what do you really want to do’ or ‘where do you see yourself in five years’ or ‘why do you want to do what you want to do,’” Mincy said.

Career Services tries to alert students of any jobs or internships they become aware of. There is also a heavy push for students to make and maintain connections with employers.

Students can sign up for a one on one appointment on Gullnet or by coming into the office. Thursdays are “walk-in” days from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

What many students don’t realize is that career development starts day one at college. Every year that a student is at Salisbury, there is something they should be doing in order to move forward.

For freshmen, Career Services can help illustrate what kind of careers go with a given major. For any incoming or new students who are questioning their majors, career services can help show them the big picture.

“Seeing students earlier than later is better before they take all these course,” Dickerson said. “ We can help talk about changes in majors and different careers.”

As stated in their mission statement, Career Services strives to help students move forward and create a lifetime of career development from their education.

“I want them to take what they learned here at this university and be able to market themselves,” Dickerson said. “We want to help students make that transition from college to the work force or grad school.”

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