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Outside the Trump rally, where nothing was solved



For those who didn’t make it inside Stephen Decatur High School Wednesday afternoon to hear Donald Trump speak, there was plenty of action outside.

Protesters lined up together on one side of Seahawk Road (ironically across the street from Friendship Road), supporters on the other, with a street full of police in riot gear separating the two.

“Build a wall” chants were shouted back at a “Mexico” chant. Some racial slurs were thrown around. One man even dared and demanded an officer to pepper spray him. It got even worse when nightfall rolled around and Trump was long gone.

The scene felt like more of a standoff on a battlefield than it did a rally, and showed that the United States of America is anything but united.

It did not matter what religion, race or views you had, you were in a shouting match whether you wanted to be or not.

And the police knew this was coming too. These rallies have such bad reputations now that the police were prepared with everything possible. There was more than just Secret Service on hand. Snipers on top of the building adjacent to all this chaos was a good look as well.

There was so much displaced hate flying in all directions that someone passing through would have thought the rally was a riot.

A select few did mind their own business, but the pit of agitators was anything but progressive in their apparent strive for a political movement.

What happened outside the lower Eastern Shore high school did not bring about any positive change, nor did it sway anyone’s political views. Absolutely nothing was solved, much like many other rallies across the nation in recent history.

A presidential candidate came to Delmarva, only a select few actually saw him and people left with an even more fiery, hate-filled aggression towards those who don’t have the same political views.

It only brought about more hate against the two political parties. It was clear so many people were just there to spew negativity.

At one point before Trump was even in the building, a herd of people walked across one side of the street, seemingly for no particular reason.

“Why did we go across the street?” Someone asked their friend after crossing.

“I don’t know, everyone else did,” their friend responded.

That exchange was followed up by someone else, who sarcastically asked why they should vote for Trump and if it was because everyone was doing it.

Those who make a difference are not the ones who blindly follow other’s paths. They blaze their own trail and lead with a vision and an idea.

There was no vision, nor an idea shared by the protestors or supporters who were verbally attacking each other.

At one point, a “F*** Trump” chant broke out from the protesters side of the street, which was immediately followed by a “love not hate” chant from the same general area.

A bit contradictory.

Urging cops to pepper spray you and threatening bystanders is not a way to problem solve either.

This 2016 campaign trail has been one littered with incidents, and many have criticized the remaining candidates. Say what you want about them. Right now it’s the American public that have put their country in a shameful light merely by their conduct regardless of their vote.

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  1. Megan Megan April 23, 2016

    Great article!

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