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Student Health Services provides new services to sexually active students


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Rising Sexually Transmitted Disease rates among college students have begun to spark interest to seek information regarding on campus resources.

According to the Student Health Services at Salisbury University, the three most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases among college students are Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Herpes.

Student Health Services Director Vicki Lentz said she wants students to know what is available to them and how to access their resources.

“We offer anonymous STD tests, birth control, and well visits to Salisbury University students,” she said. “Nothing is more than $15 to $20.”

Student Health Services seeks to provide students a safe space with confidentiality and anonymity being a top priority.

“Because we don’t take health insurance students can be tested for STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and we send them to the state so their parents never know,” she said. “And students can make appointments online if they’re too embarrassed to say something over the phone.”

Specialists suggest that students who are sexually active should be tested at least once and year and more frequently if there is more than one partner.

In the upcoming year Student Health Services will be offering Plan B, also known as the morning after pill, and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing for $15.

For more information regarding Student Health Services and how to make a confidential appointment, one can visit

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