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Why you should not worry about Gull Fest


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Two completely different artists will be taking the stage at the annual Salisbury University Gull Fest and the question everyone is asking is whether it will be a good show. Thankfully, based off the music of the artist alone, it is safe to say the concert will be quite entertaining, but only if both artists do a couple of key things.

The opening act, breakfast. are the definition of local celebrities. Formed out of SU itself in 2013, the eight-piece band indulges in a blend of alternative, atmospheric hip-hop and indie pop. Their debut project (which can be listened to on while flawed is without a doubt unique and full of heart, something quite impressive for an unsigned band.

The electronic production sounds expensive, the song structures are diverse and the rap verses are clever but a little preachy at times. It is hard to not smile when they reference Fulton Hall during the second act of “Stay Up.”

With that said, several of these songs might not have the energy to be performed live and they might be a little bit melodramatic for some. “The Wedding” is probably one of the highlights on the album but it is a depressing track that might shy some students away if performed. The ethereal “No Peace” is a sleeper that despite its musicality needs extra drums and a faster tempo to be great.

There are many tracks, however, that could be played as they are. The political “Wake Up Call” and “Bring Life” both sound gorgeous and hopefully the subtle details in the songs will come out in their performance. If you get past the auto tune, “Shade” is a superb hard hitter that needs to be played that evening. “Got Your Back” will also sound great without the “heys” that have plagued so many rap songs lately.

What breakfast. has to do is mix their music with covers. Their debut album, while impressive, might not vibe with everybody at face value so adding some familiar songs will get some people singing.

Furthermore, they could add more energy to these songs to keep students in front of the stage and at least moving. This can be done by adding more instrumentation to make these tracks sound full and exciting. Based off their recent traction, they will intrigue people at the least.

When Jason Derulo was announced, quite a bit of controversy was sparked. Despite being a high-profile pop-star, his name was not on the ballot that SOAP presented to students, leaving many students confused. Jason Derulo, to many, is un-original and boring. In many respects they are right, but Derulo is actually a good pick for the annual show.

His career sparked in 2011 with his debut album that featured singles like “Watcha Say” and “Ridin Solo” which at this point are nostalgic for most college students. At first, Derulo seemed like another Michael Jackson wannabe, joining Chris Brown and Ne-Yo in the R&B-pop realm.

Following this, Derulo followed up with two lackluster albums that spawned some successful singles, but Derulo still felt forced in the pop world. While the man is talented and “Talk Dirty” is still a party anthem, no one ever calls Derulo to do a hook or feature unlike similar artists Chris Brown or Jeremih.

This is where his 2015 album “Everything is 4” comes in which is by far his most fluent and catchy project to date. With some great dance tracks like “Pull Up,” “Love Me Down” and the closer “X2CU,” there is so much potential for a great show on May 1.

Additionally one cannot forget “Want to Want Me” which has the best production of any Jason Derulo song. He even got the legendary Stevie Wonder on “Broke.” A lot of cringe worthy moments can still can be found on here like his past records, but even college students cannot help but get these bubble-gum songs in their heads.

Derulo also has two new singles. The first “If It Ain’t Love” is an EDM styled banger that he will most likely perform and the second is the trap flavored “Naked” which he probably should just leave alone.

As long as Derulo sticks to his newer tracks with some of his better singles from the earlier part of the decade, he is sure to put on a pleasurable show. Let us keep in mind that the man can dance too, adding another dimension to his performance.

It seems like a lot of people are worried about Gull Fest this year. Both whether it will live up to previous years and worried that Derulo is too pop and breakfast. is not big enough. This variance in styles and stardom can make for a killer show as long as breakfast. keeps the energy level up and Derulo plays his more enjoyable material.

Get your tickets at the Information Desk in GUC.

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