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DIY’s for SU Students: Clipboard Decorating Project


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Clipboards are a necessity for many college students, including Resident Assistants and even Supplemental Instruction Leaders.

But sometimes it can be difficult to find an affordable clipboard that also has a fun and interesting pattern.

This do it yourself clipboard decorating project will give readers all of the steps that they need to create an amazing clipboard that will really showcase their personalities.

The following materials are necessary for completing this DIY clipboard decorating project: 1. Clipboard 2. Three different colors/patterns of decorative duct tape 3. Stickers 4. Scissors 5. Ruler.

I purchased the duct tape and clipboard that I will be using for this DIY from Dollar Tree. In order to give my clipboard a personal touch, I purchased the sticker that I wanted from an Etsy shop.

Now that all of your materials are in order it is time to begin the DIY.

Clipboard Decorating Steps:

  1. Choose your color scheme. Establishing a color scheme will give you an idea of how you want your clipboard to look.
  2. Neatly apply the duct tape to the entire front of your clipboard one strip at a time. If you
    notice that the duct tape has started to form bubbles, carefully smooth them out. Maneuver your duct tape around the clip on the clipboard.
  3. You will use two different colors of duct tape to decorate the back of your clipboard. Measure the clipboard and draw a line at around six the six inch mark. This line will tell you when to stop applying the first color of duct type and when to start applying the second color of duct tape.
  4. Apply duct tape shade one to the bottom half of the clipboard. Stop applying the duct tape at the line.
  5. Apply duct tape shade two to the top half of the clipboard.
  6. Now that your board is completely covered you may notice that the edges are a little messy. In order to make the edges look neat, cover every side of your clipboard with an additional layer of duct tape. This will give your clipboard a more polished appearance.
  7. Apply the stickers to your locations of choice.
  8. Enjoy your new clipboard!

Remember; there are many different ways to decorate a clipboard. Use this DIY as a guideline and do not be afraid to put your own creative spin on this project.

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