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Still no Derulo: Local bands save Gull Fest


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With less than a month left in the semester, Gull Fest was intended to be a time students could unwind, hang with their friends and listen to great music.

Rainy conditions, cheap food and a headliner missing in action tarnished some of the reputation the event had gained, but luckily for students, two bands rose to the occasion and made Gull Fest one to remember.

The Jesters and breakfast., two local groups were picked by SOAP to open for Jason Derulo, the famous singer booked for the event.

It was announced by Student Activities Director Tricia Garvey Smith that Derulo had experienced transportation issues in an email to the campus and would arrive to the event three hours after his scheduled time.

Despite Derulo’s absence, The Jesters and breakfast. took the stage and gave fans something to cheer for.

“At last year’s (Gull Fest), I thought to myself, ‘that would be the ultimate stage to be on’,” breakfast. lead singer Kobi Boateng said. “It’s pretty cool to be in that professional field and environment.”

The Jesters started the show out with the sound and style that has made them popular around the Salisbury area.

From Tyler Brunner’s singing, to the electrifying strumming of Zach “Simba” Simms on the guitar, The Jesters opened the concert up with a bang.

“I feel like an average person, and I am an average person and I feel like that when I’m up on stage,” Simms said. “I’m just doing what I want to do and that’s play guitar. When everyone else starts seeing that as more, it drives me to give them what they’re feeling and keep that going.”

Followed by The Jesters, winners of SOAP’s Battle of the Bands, the band breakfast. brought the fans into the performance by incorporating audience member’s names into a song and allowing them to test their vocal cords.

While the band provided the instrumental, fans joined together to sing Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” bringing a bond between breakfast. and the audience.

“Having the fans looking at you, and smiling at you and enjoying themselves, it’s great,” Boateng said. “One of the biggest fan bases we have are college students, so I want to pull more and more from that group and connect with them.”

breakfast. allowed fans to relive their childhoods, singing renditions of classic Disney and Nickelodeon theme songs such as “SpongeBob Square Pants” and “Kim Possible.”

Both performances put smiles on the audience’s faces. Not only because of the music being played, but because fans saw fellow college students on the stage doing something they love and putting on the best show they could for their friends and peers.

Although many were disappointed when the news of Derulo’s lateness was announced, it didn’t take away from the impact the local bands had on the student body.

Like any band, local or national, it’s about the music that’s put out, and with the sounds of local talent filling the Maggs gymnasium, it was clear breakfast. and The Jesters had put their mark on Salisbury.

“When you have something like this that sets you apart from other bands, it does wonders for you,” Simms said. “It’s humbling, I see the people that show up, and I see them enjoying the music, and I know this is why I’m doing this.”

Even with the event not going as planned, when Salisbury students think of Gull Fest 2016, they won’t think of the flaws, they’ll remember the music, and the way breakfast. and The Jesters came together to save the day.

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