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Senioritis to reality: Advice for graduating seniors

Staff Writer
Cap and gown pickups, finals, resumes, job interviews, where am I living in a month, when
will I see this person again and other stressful thoughts often plague college seniors as graduation
comes around.
And some would say it causes more stress than excitement.
Of course, there are the lucky few who are able to line up a job in their field and will not
have to experience the whole awkward unemployed college graduate period. You have my sincere
congratulations if you fall in that category, but if not you may find some slight comfort
by the end of the article.
Only 14 percent of students had a job lined up immediately after graduating, according to a
study conducted last year by AfterCollege (a site similar to GlassDoor, which is a job recruiting
site). That also means 86 percent of recent graduates had no clue what the future held for
“Don’t be in a hurry,” said Jathon Austin, a mathematics professor at SU. “People feel pressured
to get their perfect job right away, but remember you are still young.”
It is rare that someone begins their dream job fresh out of college and honestly, many of us
are uncertain as to what our dream job may be. Do not forget that we are still extremely
young. We have time to make plenty mistakes, rebound from those mistakes and start new.
Journalist at The Daily Times and professor at Salisbury University, Dr. Jennifer Cox,
stresses that it’s essential to continue trying new things.
“Even if you don’t think you are qualified, saying ‘yes’ is how you learn, she said. “Don’t be
stupid and say ‘no’.”
In 2015, Upromise Banking Services released a survey of 500 students, finding that over
half were planning to move back in with family after graduation. If one is expecting to make
up part of that percentage in 2016, feel no shame.
We all have to begin somewhere and that point varies for everyone.
“Even if that path is not exactly what you expected it can take you to fabulous places,” said
Dr. Frances Kendall, a media production professor at SU.
No matter if the next chapter involves starting a new job or moving back in with the ‘rents,
the phase recent graduates are experiencing is meant to be exciting. Do not let anyone tell you
Forrester Research predicts that the youngest generation of workers, recent graduates, are
predicted to hold 12 to 15 jobs in their lifetime.
Keep in mind that the first job you get does not have to be your favorite. As long as you are
working towards your goals and remain open minded, life will fall into place.
“Always make peace with your decisions and don’t have any regrets,” Kendall said.

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