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Vegan fads and celeb culture


Staff Writer

Much like Coachella, juice cleanses and nose jobs, veganism has become a popular new obsession among celebrities. Fads come and go in the intricate network of A through Z lister’s, but at what cost?

The problem with celebs such as DJ Khaled and Beyoncé promoting their brief 20 days worth of veganism goes deeper than the seemingly innocent surface. While anyone making changes regarding the reduction of animal products in their diet is a step in the right direction, it is misleading to tout veganism as a quick 20-day jumpstart to health.

Veganism first and foremost is not a diet, it is a chosen lifestyle. To be vegan means to not consume any animal products- no meat or dairy. While you can certainly eat a vegan diet purely for the health benefits alone, the majority of people go vegan as a push back against the mistreatment of animals that occurs throughout the system of factory farming.

It is wrong for celebrities, who are people in such highly influential positions, to separate the message of veganism from its connection to animal activism. It is completely immoral to cherry pick something of such extreme importance and reconfigure it into fractured pieces of the original meaning.

These quick celebrity bouts of veganism eventually lead to them reverting to eating meat and cheese, not only trivializing the movement, and also gives them credit where credit is most certainly not due.

Going vegan should be a choice based on a combination of both health benefits and compassion, but the knowledge of the horrific goings on throughout the meat and dairy industry should play a role.

While going vegetarian or vegan is an amazing step towards helping the ongoing atrocities taking place against animals, people of influence should be held to a higher standard than the general population.

They have knowledge and resources to understand what goes on in factory farming, and have the advantage of wealth and location, i.e. not living in a food desert where being vegan could prove to be difficult. The public should not be praising them for eating only kale salads for a month of their life.

Cruelty is not casual. Veganism is not a fun, quick weight loss plan. Treating it as so, and then going back to eating the standard American diet of meat and dairy is irresponsible and damaging to those trying to fix this situation.

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