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Seagulls Make their Nest Greener With SU’s Green Fund


Gull Life Editor

Salisbury University students can almost always be seen sporting maroon and gold apparel, and lately––a green thumb.

A table that can charge a cellphone with solar power, energy efficient lighting, water quality eduction and planting native plant species on campus are just a few of the projects that started as an idea in a student’s head, and then became a reality through the Green Fund.

Wayne Shelton, the Director of Campus Sustainability and Environmental Safety at SU, described the Green Fund as a pot of money to fund small environmentally friendly projects for students.

The Green Fund started as an SGA student referendum in 2013 and originally had $30,000 for students to use in the fall of 2014 and spring of 2015. That number grew to $43,000 the next year, and this fall there is $120,000 in the Green Fund, according to Shelton.

“There isn’t always a whole lot of money out there,” Shelton said. “This is a great way to get student’s ideas funded.”

Dean Keh, a sophomore and environmental studies major, submitted a proposal through the Green Fund to help get a Solar Power-Dok table installed on campus. A table was installed late last semester outside of Henson Hall.

Keh said that depending on how many students utilize the table, which uses solar power to charge devices, there could be plans to expand the project and put more solar powered charging stations on campus.

“I think people should use it because it promotes a green mindset, and sometimes that gets lost on college campuses,” he said.

Shelton described the success story of another Green Fund project where the admissions house lighting and hot water heater was changed to be more energy efficient. He said the project costed around $3,700, but recovered the money in energy savings within the year.

“I mean, what better way to build your resume,” he said. “If you’re enthusiastic about an idea to come to pass, this is a great thing.”

Shelton said the basic criteria for a proposal is that it should be well thought out and students should get a quote for their idea if possible. It also should be related to education, about energy reduction or reducing carbon footprint.

Proposals are reviewed by a committee made up of faculty and staff, but mostly students.

Interested students can learn more or apply online at this website.

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