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Saving Students’ Money


Staff Writer

The simplest and most known fact is that college is expensive. There are many hidden fees that Salisbury University students need to be aware of so that they can save those extra twenty dollars for more fun nights at Cookout.

The most spending occurs at the school bookstore. Textbooks are expensive and sometimes are unnecessary, but students will not know for sure until halfway through the semester.

Never remove the clear plastic wrapping from the textbook until the second week of school, because upon returning it to the bookstore there will be a rewrapping fee taken away from the initial textbook value.

Even though you cannot return your textbook after the first five days of classes, you should save old book receipts. Near the middle or end of the semester, the bookstore will give you a small percentage of the money that you spent there based on those saved receipts. It is almost as their thank you for shopping there.

At the end of the semester there are a few locations on campus that will buy textbooks from students for dirt-cheap. So do not be surprised if a once hundred-dollar book sells for five dollars.

E-textbooks ruin bank accounts because of ridiculously high prices, which is why they are usually bundled with textbooks. They are normally required for a class homework grade, so they have to be purchased. The problem is that they cannot be sold to someone else and they expire after a certain number of days.

The newest addition to this moneymaking business is clicker licenses; luckily this year the bookstore has rebates for the inconveniences that this change has caused to those who have already paid their $40 for a clicker itself.

For the student to get the rebate money, they have to go through an online process and then mail the company specific documentation. Maybe after doing that, and if the envelope does not get mysteriously lost in the mail, there is a chance that the student can get their money back.

Students need to be aware of other on-campus costs as well. For example, losing a Gull Card is the worst thing that could happen to a Salisbury University student because not only does it access their dorms, it also allows them access into the cafeteria. Without it, students have a hard time getting to their rooms and going to eat food. Not only does it make the student’s life difficult if they choose to wait until some kind stranger finds and returns it, but if it is not found it will end up costing them twenty-five dollars to replace it.

Students need to make sure to fill out a room condition report thoroughly so they do not get charged for something they did not damage. There are many fees associated with the dorms like setting off alarms, leaving campus for breaks without signing out, failing room checks, and more. The best advice is for students to read signs, confer with the Salisbury University website, and to consult with Resident Assistants.

When leaving for the weekend, or for the semester, be aware of on-campus parking times because parking tickets are usually around $40, which can buy about four to five Chipotle meals.

These are a few easy tips and tricks to save some money while studying hard away from home.

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