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So what is GULL Week?


Gull Life Editor

Imagine a test that is optional, earning special recognition for a student’s dorm, school or Greek life organization all while garnering the participant a free t-shirt.

Luckily for SU students, thats exactly what GULL Week is. The Office of University Analysis, Reporting and Assessment put these incentives in place to encourage students to participate in assessments in order to gather information to develop and improve the general education program.

GULL Week stands for Gaining Understanding as a Lifelong Learner and occurs in the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Although Dr. Sarah Winger, the Assessment Coordinator for the Office of University Analysis, said at an SGA forum on Sunday afternoon that GULL Week may be moving to just once a year.

Winger said that the office has a lot of data to process from the last semesters and needs to catch up, so GULL Week could be a yearly assessment rather than once every semester. She also encouraged students to participate by mentioning that the Perdue School has been the top school the past two semesters, so students should sign up to either beat the business school or to keep the streak going.

Each assessment focuses on different skills and knowledge. The fall 2016 assessments focuses on reading, writing and information literacy, according to GULL Week’s page on the university’s website.

Kim Moseman, a junior and resident assistant at SU, is participating in GULL Week again this semester for the fourth time. She said that during RA training they are encouraged to promote the event and even get the free shirts early.

She said that sometimes the test is very easy and only takes a few minutes, and other times it takes a little longer but the extra credit and free shirts are worth it.

“I think GULL Week is just a little something we can do to make Salisbury the best it can be,” Moseman said.

This semester GULL Week goes from Tuesday, Sep.13 to Tuesday, Sep. 20. There are a few spots left for students who want to sign up.

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