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Shattered Frames


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It’s not every day you see Donald Trump portrayed as a steak.

But look no further than Salisbury University’s art gallery. More specifically, in “Shattered Frames: The Films of Martha Colburn,” an exhibit utilizing film to express one woman’s emotions about contemporary issues.

Colburn studied at both The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and Rijksakademie Van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam, according to a press release from the University. Throughout her career she has received many honors including the Exaequo Award for best short film at the l’Aternativa Film Festival and the Best Animated Film Award at the New York Underground Film Festival.

Like all pieces of art Colburn’s collection is meant to make the viewer see particular issues in innovative ways, even after leaving the gallery. The exhibit itself has a mixture of both visual and audio components that work together to create stimulating film.

Nine different films are displayed in the Electronic Gallery in Conway Hall room 128, all of which demonstrate Colburn’s personal stance on topics such as the current election and nature. The films are presented on various monitors throughout the gallery and are accompanied with headphones that play the audio counterparts which complete the films.

“She reminds us that these topics matter and that we shouldn’t look away, but that we should look more closely at the problems and inequities in our political and cultural systems,” Tara Gladden said in a brochure found in the Electronic Gallery. “She does this with tragedy and grit at moments, humor and intense beauty at others.”

Some of the pieces featured in the gallery pertain to the current presidential election. Two pieces deal with Donald Trump and are titled Drump and Bass (2016) and Drumpf and Steak (2016). The two films are played on the same screen, one playing immediately after the other on repeat.

“My personal favorite was the video clip of Donald Trump as a steak. The soundtrack accompanying it was a mesh of clips from various debates and speeches, all stuttered together to sound like a rap,” said freshman Theresa Tumminello. “It was extremely modern and hilarious.”

In addition to the films on the smaller monitors, Colburn has two films cycling on the theater side of the exhibit. The main screen is entitled “Transformation and War,” featuring Metamorfoza (2013) and Triumph of the Wild (2008). Both of the films portray war and its impacts, but in two different yet powerful methods and directions.

The exhibit will be featured until November 8 and is open free to the public. Martha Colburn will be giving a talk on Thursday, October 6 at 5:30 p.m. in Conway Hall room 153, with a reception immediately following in Conway room 128. All of the events are open invitation, but seats are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

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