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Staff Profile: Angela Barahona


Staff Writer

On a campus of over 8,500 students, it is easy to forget about those who work behind the scenes.

From maintenance workers to kitchen staff to housekeepers, the faculty and staff here at Salisbury University are dedicated and passionate about their jobs.

The students residing in the Manokin Hall freshman dorm have Miss Angela Barahona, a very caring and driven housekeeper who takes the extra time to check-in on the residents.

Originally from Honduras, she likes to garden in her spare time, growing both flowers and vegetables. She also does some small work for Mary Kay, as well as cleans houses on the weekend in addition to working at SU.

Miss Angela has been working as a housekeeper on campus for nearly eight years. She spent her first six and half years cleaning Conway Hall. She began working in Manokin about a year and a half ago and said she could not be happier.

Why? Because of her students.

“This year I have a nice group of teens, especially girls,” she said. “I love my girls.”

She shared about how the girls from Manokin last year grew close to her. Last year’s residents gave her Christmas presents and now she even knows the exact dorms in which they live now.

So next time, as you are emptying out your bathroom to prepare for housekeeping to come tidy up, take the time to at least think about them, but really consider getting to know them. Who knows? You might even make a new friend.

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