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Welcome Class of 2020


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As Salisbury University welcomes back its students, there are new Sea Gulls being ushered in. The incoming graduates of the year 2020 are also taking the campus by storm.

The convocation ceremony officially established the new students as they wore their pins with beaming Sea Gull pride.

The week leading up to the start of the semester was filled with the liveliness of mingling and bonding through orientation activities. The Student Life and Student Activities department made sure that Salisbury University provided the incoming students with a positive experience from the very beginning.

Sara Lowery, coordinator of Student Life, Student Activities, Organizations and Leadership, is adamant about lending guidance when needed and making as much of an impact on the lives of students as possible.

“I want them [students] to feel like they got a hug from the institution,” Lowery said. “I don’t mean physically but in the sense that they feel like they have everything they need right here.”

The effort of making Salisbury University a friendly and loving environment helps instill the idea that this is a family—a home away from home.

Freshman Orientation Coordinator Raushan Davis reflected on his first days on campus and was drawn to help in a way that provides assistance to other fresh faces.

“It [college] definitely can be intimidating at times, especially coming in as a freshman, but we as a staff are always excited to help provide as much guidance as we can,” Davis said.

Laureth Kane, a freshman, was able to make the most of her orientation days by taking in what SU had to offer.

“At first it was difficult socializing because it can be uncomfortable being outside of your comfort zone,” Kane said. “But it did help me meet people and figure out where the campus was and everything around it.”

While the graduating class of 2020 starts their first year at college, there are other incoming transfer students as well. The importance of incorporating all new SU students and not just the incoming freshman was also prioritized throughout the program.

Transfer Student Coordinator Eddie Russo shared some additional insight as he worked closely with the Transfer Students Program.

“I like the opportunity to give a little bit of mentorship to incoming and transfer students,” Russo said. “To help them acclimate to a different style of campus they may be used to.”

Freshman Orientation Coordinator Samantha Allen reinstated that the orientation program and Salisbury University itself genuinely cares about the well-being of the students.

“It can be hard to find your way in life changes such as attending college,” Allen said. “But there’s a place for everyone and we are here to light a path.”

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