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Trump versus Clinton—and the GOP


Editorial Editor

The “Trump Tapes” are the media’s latest deliberate obfuscation from the real issues of the presidential election. Certainly, Donald Trump’s comments were lewd and not fitting for a potential president to make. It is convenient, too, that this decade-old tape surfaced just as Wikileaks released another massive set of emails from Clinton confidant John Podesta.

This is further evidence of mass media collusion on behalf of the Clinton campaign. Every time another Clinton scandal surfaces, they manufacture another crisis for Trump. Yet, each new scandal only makes Trump and his supporters more resolute.

Diving into whether what Trump said is right or wrong is exactly the wrong way to frame the issue. Hillary Clinton has committed actual crimes that threaten national security, and her foreign policy destabilized North Africa and the Middle East. For all the rhetoric about countering terrorism, American policy is one of the main factors creating more insurgents.

Hillary Clinton’s emails revealed a level of corruption so vast they would make the machine politicians of the nineteenth century blush. The fact remains that Clinton has promised favors to foreign governments—Russia being one of them, ironically—in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation, Wikileaks reported on Oct. 7.

Trump’s opposition also came from his own party, with GOP establishment politicians such as Paul Ryan lashing out at the candidate’s comments. John McCain pulled his endorsement. This is yet another chapter in the long story of the Republicans actively undermining their candidate.

Establishment figures like Ryan and McCain are at the height of their hubris. They are yet another sign that the party is comfortable as a punching bag for the left. The conservative movement’s leadership has failed to conserve much of anything. They have stood in front of the train yelling “stop,” and that is about all they have done since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Ryan’s recent announcement, according to a Washington Post article, that he would no longer campaign for Trump will only backfire on him and his ilk. Unlike Ted Cruz (a longtime Bush insider) and the Tea Party, Trump represents the first real shift in Republican politics since Goldwater’s campaign in 1964.

This is a last gasp of the dying GOP establishment to stop their candidate. Since the beginning of the campaign, Trump has faced the most opposition from members of his own party. For voters and conservative activists, the Republican Party has been the chief obstacle to achieve their goals.

Whatever the outcome of the election, Trump has given disaffected voters permission to speak out against political correctness and other forms of thought control. Trump’s direct, frank style is only vulgar to a political class so used to masking falsehoods under the guise of civility.

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  1. Rprice Rprice October 15, 2016

    Well said.

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