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College voters entering broken system


Editorial Editor

The American political establishment supports democratic elections, until the results conflict with their vision for the country. The latest revelation of the Democrat’s voter fraud, according to a 21st Century Wire report, reveals that longtime political operative Robert Creamer discussed voter fraud on camera. Creamer also had meetings at the White House.

While this may be some isolated incident, given the other new information on Clinton’s corruption the rot likely extends deeper. That there is an attempt to commit voter fraud on this level highlights multiple issues.

It shows that the far left is willing to commit felonies in order to win this election. Trump presents a clear threat to the established order. In their logic, no matter how massive Trump’s support is, it is anti-democratic because it threatens vague notions of progress and equality.  Therefore, they must interfere with the democratic process in order to save it.

The Clinton campaign has attempted to counter this with baseless claims that Russia will hack the U.S. elections in favor of Donald Trump. Clinton or her representatives have yet to furnish any evidence of this claim, while there is smoking gun proof of her rampant corruption and failed record.

Youth voters are stepping into a manifestly broken system. This issue is not partisan. Hillary supporters that brush off the precedent of this voter fraud, like the Obama administration’s abuses of executive authority, will only cause themselves more frustration. Now that this has been established, supporters of both Obama and Clinton have only themselves to blame when a conservative or even Republican government does the same.

College-aged voters have a duty this election to make a statement against more of the same war-mongering globalism of the past four administrations. The glamour of “human rights” rhetoric is very strong. The rhetoric of “rights” cloaks the agenda of foreign wars.

Do not fall for the rhetoric. In a hypothetical conflict with Russia, the stated reason would be for Russia’s record—according to Western standards—on various rights. The real reasons for war with Russia are about control for resources and maintenance of American domination of the world.

The greatest asset the establishment has is ignorance about the real issues beneath the rhetoric. LGBT rights in Russia, for example, are just the excuse for the United States to prosecute proxy conflicts against it. Youth voters ought to see through this rhetoric. This election will prove whether or not they can.

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