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DIY: Halloween costumes for college students


Staff Writer

As the leaves change, so should your Halloween costume.

Each year students wait until the last minute to put together their Halloween costumes. Here are seven easy last-minute costumes that will not break the bank and will be sure to stand out at any Halloween party.

  1. One Corny Costume. Students that are looking for an easy costume can go as the candy that everyone loves to hate, candy corn. For this costume you will need to wear a white hat or a white headband, an orange shirt and a yellow skirt or pair of pants. Students wearing this costume will get to enjoy a Halloween treat without having to deal with the cavities that come along with it.
  2. College Musical. An easy Halloween costume for Broadway and movie fanatics is Annie. For this look you’ll need a red dress, a pair of white socks and a pair of black shoes. If you want to make your look really authentic, curl your hair.
  3. Social Butterfly. Social media gurus will be perfect candidates for this next costume. Print out the logos of your favorite social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Tape the logos to a shirt and slip on a pair of wings. Voilà—you are a social butterfly.
  4. Do not Change the Channel. Graphic T-shirts are a staple in many college students’ wardrobes. Students who own a shirt with their favorite television show character on it can easily go as a television for Halloween. You will need black pipe cleaners and a head band. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the head band so that they are vertical. These will be your antennas. Now put on that graphic T-shirt and the antennas. You are an old school television set.
  5. A Very Beanie Baby Halloween. Students whose go-to costume is a black cat are in luck this Halloween. Turn your unlucky cat into a beloved Beanie Baby with these simple steps. Gather red construction paper and white paint. Cut the construction paper into the shape of a heart. Paint the letters “T” and “Y” on the paper. Now, use a hole punch to put a hole at the top of the heart. Run a piece of yarn or string through the hole to make a necklace. Put the heart necklace around your neck. Now you’ve turned your boring black cat costume into a collectible Beanie Baby costume.
  6. Vacation. A tourist is a costume that is easy to make out of the clothes that you already have. Pair a classic “I love New York” T-shirt (or any T-shirt from a tourist destination) with shorts and a fanny pack. To finish off your costume add a baseball cap or a sun hat, a pair of sunglasses, a pair of white socks and a pair of sandals. If you want to make your tourist costume stand out, wear a fanny pack and carry around a Polaroid camera.
  7. My Hero. A superhero is another easy costume that takes little time to prepare. First, choose your favorite color fabric from a local craft store—this will be your cape. Second, put on an outfit from your closet that makes you feel heroic. This could be a T-shirt with your initials on it and a pair of jeans or leggings.Third, secure the cape to your shoulders. You are ready to save the day.

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