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Outdoor Club tops Recycle Madness for the second Fall semester in a row


Gull Life Editor

Salisbury students supported maroon, gold and green last Friday for Recycle Madness.

Red Square turns green once every semester for the Student Government Association sponsored event, where Registered Student Organizations and Registered Club/Organizations are encouraged to bring as many recyclables as they can to promote sustainability.

Dozens of campus organizations collectively brought 8,783 total pounds of recycled materials to Red Square last Friday, according to SGA Vice President of Sustainability Kobi Azoulay. 1,634 pounds of those recyclables came from the Outdoor Club, who received a $200 prize from SGA as the top donator.

The Outdoor Club is no stranger to Recycle Madness, as they were the top organization last fall with 1,050 pounds of recyclables.

The Flyer has reached out to the Outdoor Club for comment but has not received a response yet.

Other top organizations included the Garden Club with 1,439 pounds and the Math and Computer Science club with 619 pounds. The clubs received $150 and $100 cash prizes respectively.

The SGA did see a dip in the amount of recyclables donated as there were 8,861 pounds recycled in the spring semester.

“Despite the slight 77-pound decrease from last semester, Recycle Madness was still a huge success,” Azoulay said in an email to The Flyer. “Outdoor and Garden Club both had extra recycled material they could have brought, so it’ll be interesting to see who brings the biggest weight next semester during Earth Week!”

The average college student produces 640 pounds of solid waste each year and half of that is paper products, according to an article from Boston College.

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