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Trump victory heralds new order, discredits establishment


Editorial Editor

Donald Trump’s stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton last night was vindication for many voters. Trump brought many middle- and working-class white voters back into the fold of the GOP, long disadvantaged by the disastrous trade policies of previous Republican administrations. His level-headed rhetoric about Russian relations also captured former libertarians disillusioned with the war hawk policies of GOP neoconservatives.

Most importantly, Trump smashed the feckless campaigning of previous candidates. Rather than grovel and try to beg for support, Trump spoke with uncompromising strength and conviction. Neoconservatives of outlets like the National Review, Wall Street Journal, and Fox News have pushed a message that “respectability” will somehow win elections. Trump has shown that the exact opposite is true.

GOP voters have long wanted a candidate willing to speak plainly, whether they realized it or not. A Hillary victory would have meant the last gasp of the Republican Party as a serious political player. Their issue has always been reaching out to the base they do have, rather than try in vain to bring minority voters into their party.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters have little to stand on after the revelations of the election. The John Podesta emails revealed rampant political corruption as well as other crimes she is associated with. Her campaign relied on her status as the “first woman president” among other inanities. In reality, her policies were a mix of neoconservative intervention and far-left social policies.

Ironically for Hillary’s base, she has had the support of Wahabi Saudi Arabia by 68 percent, according a 21st Century Wire report. Clinton cannot believe in the social positions of her party if she takes the money and support of the most extreme Arab nation. It should also be noted that the Podesta emails showed Clinton took donations from Saudi Arabia in exchange for political favors.

Trump has built countless buildings and a successful company over the decades. Hillary almost single-handedly threw the entire Middle East into sectarian conflict in her tenure as Secretary of State. Clinton and her supporters cannot claim the moral high ground when her career track record demonstrates the exact opposite.

Hillary’s loss will go down in history as the death blow of the post-Cold War liberal and neoconservative establishment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Trump on his victory, and announced he was prepared to resume normal relations with Russia. President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines made a similar announcement, a shift from his recent turn away from close American relations. Contrary to “expert” analysis, Trump has already started to solve the foreign policy messes created by the Obama administration.

In the span of a year, Trump has vindicated decades of work by men like Patrick J. Buchanan, Senator Jeff Sessions, and pundit Sam Francis. With the momentum of middle America at his back, Trump’s electoral victory heralds even greater national success on the horizon.

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  1. joseph joseph November 10, 2016

    Good article. Enjoyed it.

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