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SU musical ensemble presents- “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”


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Salisbury University’s musical theatre ensemble stepped outside of the box of societal norms and presented the community with a play surrounding love and relationships.

The play called “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change premiered at SU the weekend of Oct. 20. It was directed by Dr. Darell Mullins of the communication arts department with musical direction by Dr. William Folger, co-chair of the music, theatre and dance departments.

The original musical comedy book and lyrics were written by Joe DiPietro, and music was composed by Jimmy Roberts. The show is recommended for mature audiences. Freshman Caitlin Burke attended the play and shared her comments.

“The show was witty and enjoyable,” Burke said. “The scenes were based upon real life situations that couples go through when they are married.”

“Before arriving to the show, I didn’t know that the show would consist of small skits with many different characters that all tie together to one major theme. It was very funny, and the acting and singing was great.”

The point of the show is to portray real life relationship situations and evoke raw, relatable emotions. Act I of the play discusses the journey from dating and anticipating to love and marriage according to Rodgers and Hammerstein. Act II transitions into the hardships of marriage, as well as the lessons and emotions that come with caring for a child and the new in-laws.

DiPietro shared that he often gets asked what his new plays are about after writing them and with “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change,” his answer came with ease.

“People trying to connect,” he said.

Burke believes that the students of SU can only benefit from seeing the play.

“SU students should care about this show because of the real-world struggles and daily life they will experience in married life in the future,” Burke said. “It really gives a deep insight on all common issues marriage faces.”

While the opportunity to attend the play put on by the musical theatre class here at SU has passed, the play as a whole is frequently put on by multiple playhouses. It should be a priority to attend it at least once in your lifetime in order to learn firsthand the real-life highs and lows that come with the decision to get married.

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