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Christmas in November


Staff Writer

Once Nov. 1 hits and Halloween comes to an end, many students switch gears to Christmas, neglecting Thanksgiving completely.

While this might be an outrage to some, many individuals start blaring their Christmas music through their dorm at the start of November, showing no shame at all. But who is to say that it is too soon?

“Originally I used to hate when people would listen to Christmas music before December, let alone Thanksgiving,” said Michael Slattery, a freshman at SU. “But now that I’m in college, I love listening to Christmas music, regardless of what time of year it is. It’s a good pick-me-up when I am struggling in a class or missing my friends and family at home.”

Freshman Megan Lucas shares a similar outlook.

“I personally think listening to Christmas music is fine before Thanksgiving, but it is crucial to wait until after Thanksgiving to buy and decorate a tree,” she said.

Hunter Schwarz takes an interesting stance in his article entitled “Why You Should Hold Off On Christmas Until After Thanksgiving,” arguing that we keep our Christmas spirit contained not only because it overshadows wonderful holidays like Thanksgiving, but because “too much Christmas can be exhausting.”

In her article on The Federalist, Heather Wilhelm creatively and aggressively expresses her strong opinion that Christmas be reserved for the day after Thanksgiving.

“You hear that, America? It’s not winter. It’s autumn. It is NOT EVEN, in fact, THANKSGIVING YET. Yet, year after year, we’re collectively jumping the gun on Christmas, bumping it up on the calendar just a teeny bit more, crowding not only Thanksgiving but now Halloween. In the future, will the wild-eyed mobs of Black Friday be released the day after, say, Fourth of July?” she said.

Wilhelm closes her article with a seemingly sassy remark, telling Americans to be patient and “just save it for the day after Thanksgiving,” making it safe to say that there are indeed people out there who do not support the early holiday spreading of cheer.

Regardless of when your personal Christmas caroling begins, there will always be people who are either with you or against you, so you might as well go all out…Christmas is quickly approaching!

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