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SU Social Work Students Visit ESP



What’s the move  on Mass Incarceration?

On Friday, Nov. 18, Salisbury University social work students traveled to Philadelphia, PA to visit the Eastern State Penitentiary, take a tour through the closed-down facility, and take a poverty tour through an impoverished community.

The facility opened in 1829 as an American state prison and closed in 1970. Its mission was to removed corporal punishment and ill treatment and focus on work and learning trades. ESP used the Quaker-style method of punishment and emphasized isolation from other inmates, spiritual reflection and awakening, and change.

Tour-guides, professors, and students discussed causes and solutions to Mass Incarceration and what the penitentiary could have done differently and changes they would like to see. Many agree that more services and prevention efforts are the best measures that helping professions can take to help slow down the cycle of incarceration.

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