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Event preview: SOAP’s first annual ‘Bury Bash


Staff Writer

Sea Gulls will have one last chance to shake their tail feathers at the first annual ‘Bury Bash.

The event is sponsored by SOAP and will be held this Saturday, Dec. 3 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in Maggs Gym.

Salisbury University previously hosted a fall concert, but has neglected to provide one in recent years.  With that in mind, SOAP is attempting to bring it back this fall. While it is similar to Gull Fest in that it is a concert that only Salisbury students can attend, the performing aspect is different.

GrooveBoston will be the headliner that performs after the opening DJ, and they are making the trip to SU on their “Proximity” tour. The company is different in that it tailors a show to each college in a unique way using technical factors and special effects, making this show especially targeted to the students at SU. Their goal is to make everyone attending happy through their matchless productions, and bring everyone together in a creative way.

More information on what to expect from the company can be found on their website:

There was a lot of intensive planning that went into creating and advertising this event. Liana Ramos-Izquierdo, concerts chair of SOAP, said, “we had to decide when and where the concert would be, how to advertise for it, how to go about ticket sales, recruit volunteers, secure University Police presence, and much more.”

“We came up with the idea because I wanted to bring a bigger event back to the fall semester,” Ramos-Izquierdo said. “Bobby Dutton, the head of GrooveBoston’s operation, reached out to me at the beginning of the semester, saying they had something special planned for us, so we took him up on the offer!”

The hope is that the turnout will be big, and that ‘Bury Bash will become an annual fall concert. Ramos-Izquierdo shared, “I’m hoping students will LOVE ‘Bury Bash! This concert is being tailored specially to us, and you can expect something for everyone. We just need them to go experience it for themselves!”

Come out and experience GrooveBoston for yourself this Saturday night. Tickets are only $3, so visit the GUC information desk today to secure your spot, and spread the word!

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