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How to conquer winter break


Staff Writer

After a long, rigorous semester, winter break is fast approaching and it is almost time to take a break from school work and mentally recover.

Many people will use the generous month-and-a-half break to just relax, or maybe even return to a job at home to make some more money before returning for next semester. On the flip side, there are many students who will take the time to prepare for the semester ahead.

Here are a few tips for those looking to use their free time to get ahead:

  1. Take an extra class. If time and money permit, consider enrolling in a course or two at your local community college, or even SU, and get some of your credits out of the way. Use the time to keep your time management and studying skills up to par for your upcoming course load and avoid having to take a crowded schedule in the future.
  2. Get your materials ready. Start gathering the organizational materials you might need for the classes you will be taking in the spring semester. Run out to a school supply store and purchase your binders, folders, paper and other supplies ahead of time. Do not leave it until last minute so you can avoid running around the day before classes begin in a panic.
  3. Mentally prepare yourself. Take a few minutes over break to reflect on the semester that you just completed. Think of the pros and cons of your studying methods so that you can improve your grades in your future classes. Before you return to SU, make a schedule of how you will manage your studying time so that you are prepared, and make sure to pencil in time for yourself to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Students will choose to use their break in various different ways, but no matter how you choose to spend it, remember that you have earned it. After working hard throughout the winter semester, everyone could use a little break before doing the same thing again in the spring, and there is no problem with using the time to relax and mentally prepare for the busy times to come.

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