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New exhibit opens at GUC’s Art Space


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Salisbury University’s Guerrieri University Center (GUC) welcomes a new exhibit called “The Inner Machinations of My Mind Are an Enigma.”

Seniors Erin Cissell and Caylin Zerr are art students at Salisbury University who are currently displaying their paint exhibit at the GUC Art Space.

Cissell and Zerr are involved in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) program and dabble in other art mediums such as painting, photography, pen and ink, colored pencil and marker.

Despite their difference in art styles, the two artists are able to work well together.

“Caylin’s work is carefree and humorous, while mine is dark and thought-provoking,” Cissell said.

The inspiration of the exhibit’s title is based off of a direct quote from Spongebob Squarepants’ co-lead Patrick Star.

“Both of our minds (and our work) are so eccentric. We both like to create narratives with our pieces and we want the meanings to be left up to the viewers,” Cissell said. “There could be multiple interpretations of our art, and any interpretation is welcome, so long as you somehow feel connected to our art.”

Cissell pursued her love of art in high school and although self-conscious, she has begun to embrace her talents within the SU art community.

“I enjoy art now more than I used to because I feel confident about my work and that I am good at what I do,” Cissell said. “I never used to think that before I got support from the students and professors at Salisbury.”

Cissell explained that the SU art community is close-knit and supportive.

“It’s kind of like a family because we all have a mutual understanding of how much work our major actually entails and that people underestimate us. It’s nice knowing that someone else gets it and stands up for your field,” Cissell said.

“We’re stronger together because we can prove just how hard it is to be an art major and make a difference just like any other student.”

As far as the take-away from audiences, Cissell hopes they are able to express their thoughts and process the painting in any way they choose.

“I want people to think about the artist who drew these characters and what she must be like or what goes on in her head,” Cissell said. “I want them to think about my characters and wonder who they are and how they go about their lives, but every single thought is acceptable and welcome.”

The exhibit’s intentions are meant to put the audience in the minds of the artists. The relationship between the artists and the viewer are meant to be explored.

“This whole show is about establishing a connection between three people or groups of people: the audience, the characters and me,” Cissell said.

Cissell and Zerr’s artwork will be displayed in the Guerrieri University Center’s second-floor concourse until December 13th.

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