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Underneath the Feathers: Sr. field hockey forward Rebecca Rinaca

By Chris Mackowiak

Sports Editor 

Rebecca Rinaca
Senior forward for SU field hockey
Hometown: Pylesville, Md.

SU Athletics photo

What are your majors/minors and career aspirations?
“I am an exercise science-applied health major and a psychology minor and hope to be attending physician assistant school next fall.”

What made you want to play field hockey at, or simply come to, Salisbury?

“I wanted to come to Salisbury to play field hockey because of how great and consistent their program is. I know people who have attended and played here in years past and they had only good things to say about the school and the program. When I came on a tour of the University, I was still debating between schools, though after talking to coach Dawn [Chamberlin] I knew that this would be my home away from home.”

What has been your favorite moment as part of SU field hockey while here at Salisbury and why?

“To date, my favorite moment as a part of the Salisbury University field hockey team would have to be when we won the 2016 Capital Athletic Conference (CAC) championship game. This particular moment meant so much to me because it shows how far my fellow seniors and I have come. We got to celebrate a four-peat CAC championship and it was a sign that we will hopefully be able to lead our team very far this year.”

You’re listed as a forward, but have you always played that position? What do you enjoy about your part on the field?

“I have always been a forward—I enjoy a lot about my position. I especially love being able to shoot and fighting hard to score goals on our opponents.”

Looking back on your time here at SU, what will you take away from it both as a student and an athlete?

“Looking back, I will take more than I ever intended being a student-athlete. I have learned an incredible amount from my team, coaches and family who have helped me through this amazing journey. I have learned time-management skills that will carry me through life; I have learned to give 100 percent in anything and everything that you participate in; [and] how to be a productive captain to ensure that things go smoothly on and off the field. Finally, I have learned that I will always have 28 best friends that are only a phone call away, regardless of where we call home.”

As a senior in your final season, what has been different for you this season in terms of being a leader with more veteran experience?

“This year has been different, because three of us captains are seniors, so we realize that this is our last chance to help take our team all the way. We make sure that all the rookies understand how much potential we have and how big it is to be ranked so highly.”

What is your favorite part of Salisbury University Athletics or your team-environment here at SU?

“My favorite part would be how close the SU Athletics are—it doesn’t matter what sport we play, we are all friends in a special way.”

What is your favorite part of campus life at Salisbury, and why?

“My favorite part of campus life is spending time with friends between classes and breaks that we all have. We often do homework in the new library and love hanging out in our locker room in the brand new stadium.”

What are your hobbies and interests off the field?

“I enjoy volunteering at my local fire station as an emergency medical technician (EMT).”

Where is your favorite place to go for a meal or snack on- or off-campus? Favorite food?

“Definitely Jersey Mike’s and Subway. My favorite food would probably be pizza!”

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