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Are you stressed?


Staff Writer and Adviser

GUC Events is hosting a Holiday Stress-Free event, going on now in Fireside Lounge and the Wicomico room until 3pm. Students working on studying for finals, taking a break from the group project due at 7pm tonight, or grabbing their pick-me-up coffee at Cool Beans will notice some furry friends wondering around the front of the building as well as a trail of glitter headed into the lounge.

Students are encouraged by GUC Event staff and The Flyer to stop by and take a much-needed break, as over-exertion is no healthy way to finish the semester.

“We provide Stress-Free in the GUC so kids can step away from their studies, come in, hang out with their friends, hang out with some dogs,” Michael MacStudy, the Graduate Assistant for GUC Events, said.

“We have some really elementary arts and crafts activities that take you away from the college experience for just a little bit and relax, take a deep breath. We do this every semester and we look to grow every year.”

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