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International finance’s armies of protestors



After a long, difficult election year the inauguration of President Trump launched a number of protests and outrage from his opposition. The Women’s Marches on January 21 received the most media attention. Some outlets promoted the message of the marches, while others noted the vulgar speeches of celebrities in attendance and the graphic costumes of the marchers.

While this appears on the surface to be an organic reaction to the new President, closer examination shows that these marches are orchestrated by members of international ruling class, particularly financial oligarch George Soros. Breitbart reported via New York Times partner site Women’s World that Soros funded or worked closely with 56 of the protest partner organizations.

Soros’ Open Society Foundation has pioneered the use of “color revolution” political technology abroad. Most recently, the Obama State Department utilized a color revolution, and eventually Right Sektor insurgents to destabilize the country and remove it from Russia’s sphere of influence.

Now the color revolution has shifted from enemies of the neoliberal/neoconservative order to the US because of Trump’s successful insurgent campaign. Trump has clearly upset the established order, creating need for the color revolution at home.

The women’s marchers directed their grievances not toward any specific policy of the new administration, but focused on words the President said in a private conversation over a decade ago.

In short, President Trump upset their feelings. On one level, these protests are absurd. Culture war issues like feminism and abortion were absent from a campaign largely focused on national security and immigration issues.

For an internationalist like Soros (and he is far from the only perpetrator) these grievances are powerful political capital to advance the goal of full spectrum dominance against a nation. The alliance between banking and left wing agitators appears to be contradictory, but makes sense with examination of the finance class’s goals.

Issues like women’s rights serve to break down the family. Without strong families, a nation is a number of atomized individuals who can only turn to the state and by extension the multinational corporation for support.

By creation a society of rootless individuals, each person is another widget in the machine of international capitalism. This is why the mainstream conservative and liberal portrayal of this economic system as “right wing” is either misguided or a deliberate obfuscation.

That is precisely why corporate and financial leaders like Soros push for liberal causes. Each new manufactured cause like women’s rights, gay rights and immigrant rights seeks to create another group of foot soldiers unknowingly advancing the system they claim to despise.

Protest against the new administration after the inauguration is not only a case of too little, too late, but becoming a pawn of international financiers who ultimately do not care about your rights, but self-enrichment.

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