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Think outside the box to spread the love


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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you know what that means: stores filled with countless aisles of pink and red items, stuffed animals and chocolate. You will see commercials on “what to get the person you love this Valentine’s Day” and paper cut-out hearts everywhere you look. Contrary to many beliefs, Valentine’s Day is not just for those in a relationship or married.

Valentine’s Day is a day to express love to those closest to you. Whether it be your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, best friend, classmate, sister or brother, Feb. 14 gives the opportunity to indulge in the love around you.

There is no definition of how love is to be expressed. Something as small as a hug can go a long way. If you wanted to give the special person in your life a little something extra, here are some ideas.

Jewelry, flowers, chocolate, personalized items and anything heart shaped are always great go-to gifts. There are also many ways to show someone that they are important to you without breaking the bank. Get creative this Valentine’s Day.

For a boyfriend or girlfriend, a photo album, ‘Remember When Jar’ or a romantic dinner are great gift ideas. Consider making them a no-sew fleece blanket as shown by SnapGuide with their favorite sport symbol or favorite color.

For relatives or close friends, an original poem or heartfelt letter would show off your creative side while also showing them that you care.

Baking is an inexpensive option for gift giving and is sure to be enjoyed by the person who is receiving the treat. Dipping anything in chocolate, including infamous Valentine’s Day snacks such as strawberries and pretzels, or dying baked items with red food coloring can give any treat that special Valentine’s Day look.

If you want to be even more fancy, you could buy a heart-shaped cookie cutter from a store such as Walmart and make heart-shaped cookies, rice crispy treats, brownies or even cake bites. This recipe on Pinterest makes heart-shaped cookies and requires no cookie cutter. The only things you will need are peanut butter cookie mix and a fork.

If you wanted to get more specific and tailor the gift to the people themselves, buy them their favorite candy or chips and attach a note with a silly tagline such as “Donut know what I would do without you”, “I love you berry much”, “You make my heart pop” or “I’m totally  nuts about you.” A cute and clever saying will show them that you put thought into the gift and it is sure to get a chuckle.

Valentine’s Day does not have to be extravagant. Show your love in unique and creative ways. The best gifts are ones that come from the heart. Spread love this Valentine’s Day and show the people you love how much they truly mean to you.

“Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14.

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