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Are you really their Valentine?


Staff Writer

Red and pink hearts fill the air every year on Feb. 14, but it means something different to everyone. Some people spend their night with their significant other while others stuff their faces with chocolate and cry to “The Notebook.” Yet, there is always that one group of people who do not know what they are doing. They have someone, but that someone may not be the right one.

Here is how to figure out if you are not their only valentine this year:

  1. They are constantly on their phone. It is called quality time for a reason! Spend the time you have together; do not spend it talking to other people that are not there. Experiment: see if they will turn their phone off if you do. If not, something is fishy.
  2. They do not notice changes. Women regularly paint their nails, change their hair and even switch up their style. Men may not notice the little polish change or a trim, but if he does not even notice a hair style change from long mermaid curls to a short bob then he is not noticing you the way he should. Same goes for the guys if she does not notice your trim or that you shaved then it is time to say “to the left.”
  3. They are making plans without you. It is very normal for young people to spend a few nights on the town. However, having a guy’s or girl’s night does not mean going out to the bar and pretending to be single. Yes, go out and have fun, but do not bring back phone numbers.
  4. They flirt with other people. Some may drink a little too much and get flirty with other people, but where does it cross the line? When they constantly are touchy-feely with another on a regular basis regardless of how much they drink, then they are going too far. Yet, remember that it does not mean they are flirting if they hug their friend in a platonic way. If you have a really strong intuition about something, then you should talk to them about it.
  5. They do not show interest.

When you have something great happen to you and you tell your significant other, do they listen to you or blow you off? If they blow you off with one word responses or changes to the subject then they are not listening. This hurts more than anything—you could be on cloud nine and your whole day is changed by this one little reaction. You do not deserve that type of negativity in your life.

Now, on to how to handle it like the adult you are. Make the decision that is best for you; if leaving them is the best decision for you, then leave. Do not go Jerry Springer on them! Be calm, cool and collected, and explain to them that you are not interested anymore and want to see other people. Do not feel like you have to keep a friendship or worry that you will lose a friend. If it is meant to be, then it will happen. Stay cordial, though—if you see them out, just smile and get on with your life. The best revenge is them seeing you happy. Do not do anything that will come back to you. Remember, what goes around comes around.

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