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Do College Better with Time Management


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With the start of a new year and a new semester, it is easy to get lost in the empty promises often made about social life, personal health and school work. New classes, new teachers, new faces and fresh notebooks and binders can all help to get in the mindset for the best possible time managing. Keeping up with growing social circles, family and friends back home, a job on- or off-campus, a heavy class load and a decent amount of sleep at night may seem impossible to balance on a tight schedule.

Put together a plan that will best fit your physical, mental and emotional needs this semester.

College Board says to “make a to-do list every day. Put the most important tasks at the top, even if they’re things you’re dreading, and tackle them first.”

Setting a defined schedule for the day can help you accomplish important daily activities such as writing a paper, meeting with a professor or going to the gym. Implement some kind of system for yourself. There are many applications such as Google Calendar or the calendar on a smartphone that can be updated easily and quickly.

School work can be one of the hardest tasks to adapt to coming off of a long break. When it comes to papers and large assignments, many of us students are notorious for waiting until the last minute.

When asked how she plans to manage her time this semester, Shannon Owens, graduating in 2020, said, “I plan to treat school like I would treat a job, dedicating 8 hours every day to classes, homework and studying.”

Being a full-time student requires work to be done outside classroom hours to prepare for the next class. Do not fall victim to procrastination this semester; set up a planner with important due dates. Ditch spending late nights at the library the night before an assignment is due and work on whatever it may be little by little in the weeks leading up to the due date.

With all of this being said, do not forget to let your brain rest from time to time. Make sure to make time for yourself to workout, relax, sleep, call home, snack and socialize with friends. Consider joining a club, taking up a new hobby or reaching out to new people.

As the weather begins to get warmer, most people start to experience a lack of motivation. Thinking about anything other than beach trips and late night ice cream runs becomes almost impossible. Consider doing homework or going for a run outside to have a change of scenery and get some fresh air. This year, do not give into spring fever. End the school year with a bang. You will go into summer break feeling more confident and satisfied than ever.

Do not let the stress of school work, friends, a job and family overwhelm you this semester. Balance your time and prioritize activities in a way that will ensure success. Make the most of your time this semester. Your college experience is what you make of it, so make it great!

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