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Fulton Dean Pereboom Chosen for Prestigious Fulbright Seminar

unspecified5bij9z5dBY ARIANNA LANGE

Staff Writer

Marteen Pereboom, the dean of the Salisbury University Fulton school, has been offered the opportunity to attend the renowned Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrators Seminar in India.

He will travel there with just ten other colleagues next month. While there, he hopes to gain an understanding of higher education in India and get a better idea of their system so that “we can connect more effectively and strategically with them.”

He also hopes to establish more opportunities for Salisbury students to travel there.

“I would love to develop a partnership where we can send students to India for a whole semester,” Pereboom said, “because India has this incredible history and it’s an immense but incredibly diverse country and just such an unbelievably interesting place for our students to go.”

Pereboom credits traveling while in college as the impetus to his successes in life and as the reason for his passion behind fostering these opportunities for the students at Salisbury.

“When I was an undergraduate at my college, there was a well-established program that went to Germany. In those days it was still the Cold War and there was still an East and West Germany,” Pereboom said. “I thought I’d love to do that, and I somewhat timidly asked my parents–we weren’t wealthy or anything—whether that would be possible, and they said yes. They said, ‘Nothing teaches like travel.’”

That experience turned out to be invaluable as Dean Pereboom later became a historian who studied the Cold War. At Salisbury, his job allows him to foster invaluable experiences such as this for new generations of students, which highlights the importance and sublime opportunity that this prestigious seminar offers not just the dean but all of Salisbury University.

The Fulbright is not just an opportunity for educational professionals; students, too, can be rewarded with Fulbright awards that will give them the opportunity to study abroad and provide compensation for grad school.

“I highly recommend to our students to look into opportunities like this. University-wide, there’s a variety of opportunities—including going abroad to teach English,” Pereboom said. “It’s a very prestigious program and it’s an experience that can be kind of a game-changer for students. Its potential for Salisbury students in particular is to set yourself apart.”

Professor and SU Director of Nationally Competitive Fellowships Office (NCFO) Kristen Walton-Wade provides students with the resources they need to aid in their pursuit of these opportunities.

Walton-Wade is extremely knowledgeable about all of the fellowship processes. The number one thing she’d wish to highlight is that these opportunities are available to all majors and a range of GPA’s.

“GPA means a lot less than commitment to a specific country and a specific ideal or goal in mind,” Walton-Wade said.

This year 13 students went through the application process compared to last year’s seven. Walton-Wade expressed her hopes to potentially reaching 30 applicants.

Interested students should start looking into these opportunities as early in their undergraduate career as possible and are encouraged to visit the NCFO website ( and their office (Holloway Hall 347) for any inquiries.

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