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Leave Barron Alone


Staff Writer

President Donald Trump has been in the Oval Office for less than a month and has already gained a laundry-list of complaints about his conduct, family and administration. From complaints leveled at his business interests conflicting with national security and his immigration ban overstepping his presidential authority to criticisms levelled at his sons Eric and Donald Jr., the name Trump continues to be a lightning rod of controversy.

In general, these criticisms are somewhat necessary. After all, a president is responsible for answering to the will of the people. Thankfully, one of the best ways to keep a figurehead in check is through questions and complaints. The criticism of his family, though often unnecessary, are not too concerning either; they are grown adults who are more than capable of handling scrutiny.

There is, of course, one exception to these criticisms: Trump’s youngest son Barron.

Looking back to when Trump became the Republican nominee, the media took it upon themselves to drag every member of his family through the mud. From Melania’s accent to Eric and Donald Jr.’s controversial safari exhibition, no member of the Trump family was spared from these comments.

This unfortunately included 10-year-old Barron, who was accused of being autistic by longtime Trump nemesis Rosie O’Donnell and bombarded with insults from a slew of other sources.

Luckily, people were quick to come to their senses and condemn those who needlessly put down the youngest Trump. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton and a longtime friend of Barron’s sister Ivanka, condemned those who insulted him and immediately jumped to his defense.

“Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does,” Clinton wrote. “To be a kid.”

While I am certainly no fan of Donald Trump, Barron is connected to his father’s controversial actions and decisions in name only. Whether he is the President’s son or not, Barron has done nothing to warrant the criticism that he receives on his father’s behalf.

In regards to his often tired-looking and lethargic behavior, keep in mind that Barron is only ten. When I was his age, all I cared about was “Dragon Ball Z,” and I absolutely loathed being seen with my parents. Combine youthful angst with a national spotlight and Barron’s actions become quite normal given the circumstances.

By all means continue to criticize the actions of President Trump, but keep his family, especially Barron, out of it. Even President Obama’s most vocal critics knew that his two daughters were off limits in regards to criticism, and the tradition of leaving the president’s children alone should remain a sacred one. These children did not choose the limelight, so it is best to let them live their lives despite being public figures.

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