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Pablo’s Bowls Brings Açai to Salisbury


Staff Writer

Pablo’s Bowls is the newest attraction at Sea Gull Square, offering delicious handmade açai bowls, smoothies and fresh juices.

Students can grab a seat among wooden tables inside this tropical bungalow-themed cafe. Upon entering, you are greeted by friendly workers while blenders can be heard buzzing nearby. Above lies an array of low hanging coil lights, and a towering chalk board displays the menu along a white brick wall.

Junior Megan Fulton, a frequent customer, says, “I love the atmosphere with the music and outgoing staff. They even remember my order!”

I ordered the dragonfruit bowl, which included pitaya and mango blended together and topped with granola, pineapple, strawberries, banana, blueberries, coconut and local honey. This bowl was just as beautiful as it was delicious, with a vibrant fuchsia pink color. The granola is the real deal.

The açai berry contains antioxidants, which help strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer, according to Everyday Health, Inc.

Student Somer Schaeffer reveals that her favorite item from Pablo’s is the trestles bowl—açai blended with chocolate almond milk and Pb lite over a layer of granola, then topped with fresh bananas, strawberries and local honey.

According to their Facebook page, each bowl contains one pound of fresh fruit and granola. The bowls are typically $11.95-$12.95.

Tyler Niblett, an employee at Pablo’s, explains that they “have specials on the bowls and smoothies that change every week.”

Their açai is fair trade, wild harvested from the Amazon rainforest, and yes, it is vegan.

Niblett wears a shirt that reads, “Ah-sigh-ee” to explain the word’s sometimes confused pronunciation, adding, “I love it here—the customers are great, and it’s not just students that come in. I see older adults after a workout and high schoolers too.”

The price may be expensive but this is definitely something worth saving for. As Miki Katna says, “it is exquisite, and sometimes you have to treat yo self.”

Pablo’s Bowls was started by Berlin Organics, the same company that founded the Juice Shack in Ocean City. It is great to know that we have more wholesome options in Salisbury, which says a lot about the values of our community members.

“I love having this on campus because it’s convenient and healthy. Everything is organic,” Fulton says.

The cafe provides several other products including kombucha, tea, coconut water and healthy snacks. Customers can also purchase the granola that is used to make the açai bowls, which is organic and non-GMO.

Pablo’s Bowls is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day, ever since welcoming customers for the first time in December. They are located in Sea Gull Square next to Starbucks, and you can check them out on Facebook or Instagram for more information.

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