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Celebrity stunts, lying press show why Trump won


Editor in Chief

President Trump announced that he would not attend the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, causing a stir among the media. While this is unusual in and of itself, given the media’s constant attacks on President Trump, it makes perfect sense that he will not attend.

The president’s use of Twitter and other social media to reach voters directly echoed the campaign of the previous administration. Trump, however, perfected what his predecessor began. Catchphrases like “many such cases” and “Sad!” have become a staple among some Twitter users.

While this may seem silly, it shows that the president’s simple, direct messaging unfiltered by the mass media reached many disaffected Republicans, Democrats and new voters. The media at every turn, particularly CNN, MSNBC and so-called “conservative” outlets like the National Review, viciously attacked President Trump. They made sure to spin the narrative and twist the president’s words.

The media has been completely discredited by the election. While some of their gaffes are certainly mistakes or naiveté on the part of individual journalists, it is clear that many of them are motivated by partisan animus. The complete lack of investigation into Hillary Clinton’s crimes was but one example of the media refusing to hold a public figure accountable.

President Trump has shown that he does not need the lying press to promote his agenda. Corporate media is dying in favor of new Web-based platforms. While there are transparently partisan news sites online, the bigger deception is the false pretense of objectivity portrayed by outlets like CNN and The New York Times.

In the past, many American towns had a Republican or Democrat newspaper. The news had its bias, but all news is biased no matter how objective a writer attempts to be. Corporate media pretends to report the facts until those facts clash with their narrative.

Americans are not just fed up with the lying press, but Hollywood as well. The Hollywood Reporter noted that the latest awards show continued the downward ratings trend of the last several years. Clearly, Americans do not want actors lecturing them about political issues. While they toe the left wing establishment line, they have the wealth to insulate themselves from the consequences of their failed policies.

Jimmy Kimmel claimed that “the country is divided,” yet an electoral map shows that Americans voted overwhelmingly in favor of President Trump. Clinton voters were clustered in urban areas. Trump’s message spoke to many different groups, particularly the white working class long disenfranchised with the GOP’s slavish adherence to global finance capitalism.

Actors and other Hollywood camp followers have no standing to disparage the president. While President Trump has some public gaffes, his behavior is nothing compared to the myriad of scandals that emerge from the world of celebrity.

Social media platforms like Twitter have gone on to censor what they consider harassment. Like the definition of “terrorist,” it is a nebulous term that has lost all meaning. Independent media, individuals on social media and the Trump movement have put the establishment on notice.

The division in this country does not come from ordinary Americans, but from the crises manufactured by the lying press and ruling class.

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