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GullFest 2017, the artist is…


Editorial Editor

Salisbury University’s annual GullFest event has always been a source of speculation, excitement and controversy. A lot of these emotions stem from the anticipation of what artist(s) will perform. The Student Organization for Activity Planning’s (SOAP) social media leaves a trail of clues as to who will perform this year.

The organization’s method of hinting and revealing what artist will perform on May 7 has been clever. There is a Spotify playlist titled “GullFest 17” that, for the past couple of weeks, has removed a song from an artist off it every day. The list as of March 7 has been narrowed down to 8 artists, including Rae Sremmurd, Hailee Steinfeld, Logic, Jeremih, D.R.A.M. and a few others.

SOAP has also hinted to students through ambiguous clues from their Instagram account. One was of the Maryland Flag while another was a dollar bill drawing with the words “Series 1990” on the bottom of it. Based on the list and clues, we think Hip-Hop artist Logic who will be coming to GullFest. This choice would be exciting and logical (pun intended) for multiple reasons.

Out of the eight artists on the Spotify list, Logic is the only one from Maryland, which adds significance to the flag being posted. Also, the year 1990 might be referring to Logic’s birth year.

Secondly, looking at the other artists on the Spotify playlist, Logic is the best possible choice. Rae Shremmerd would not fit into SOAP’s budget, while other artists like Kehlani and Niykee Heaton would not turn heads because they are not as well known. Logic has the perfect balance of mainstream success and artistry to bring students to the show, for he was also in high demand for last year’s GullFest.

Jason Derulo, despite being a good performer and having outstanding singles, was too pop for many students last year. Students desire a more raw artist. This reasoning is why Steinfield and D.R.A.M. would be questionable picks.  The only other artist that would be satisfactory to students would be Jeremih, with his gauntlet of party songs.

While Logic does not have any smash singles, he has a wide range of songs to perform from his mixtapes and his two praised studio albums. Fans would spit every word that he raps back to him and the fact that he is from Maryland would most certainly bring a sense of connection to the show.

SOAP will reveal the artist for this year’s GullFest this Friday at Fireside Lounge in G.U.C. at 9 p.m.

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