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Review of “Orbit: Intermedia a Go-Go!”


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“Orbit: Intermedia a Go-Go” is a collaborative student expedition created by New Media I students, taught by David Gladden, with the incorporation of the Music Technology students, taught by Tara Gladden. Both classes were asked to create the concept of “spinning” through their specific mediums.

The challenge behind the piece was trying to find a successful yet impactful way to create a collaborative installation within the two classes. In order to achieve the finished display, the new media students were required to take four to eight images of themselves, a scene or of an object and, with these images, create an animated gif of “spinning.”

These gifs were used to create one-and-a-half-minute movies, and those movies were used to create three different twelve-minute movies. These are the movies projected on the walls of the space in TETC, otherwise known as Conway Hall.

The Music and Multimedia class had a similar assignment, each having to gather four to eight individual source sounds associated with the act of “spinning,” then using their gathered sources to collaborate with their peers to create two-minute sound environments.

The students then gathered into larger groups to create four-minute environments. The music you hear playing in the gallery is what was created from the four-minute collaboration; it is all three of the four-minute compositions combined.

Freshman Communication Arts major Katherine Lowman, a student in the New Media I class, thought positively about the project.

Lowman enjoyed the overall theme and how she was allowed to do her own thing without any restrictions. She also enjoyed the ability to combine works with other students’ to experience more techniques used and understand other students’ personal styles.

However, Lowman stated, “I found it difficult to put the videos in the right format. It was the first project, so I wish there was something to ease into or more help in the regards of the video formatting.”

The three different videos made in class are all being projected on the three walls of the room simultaneously, while the music from the Music and Multimedia class plays over the clips. The intention of the videos each playing on a wall and the music playing over it is to give the viewer an impression of “spinning.”

When standing in the middle of the space with the movies surrounding you and music playing through your ears, it does, in fact, feel as though you are spinning. The added touch of daily ways we spin enhances a more personal and relatable touch, but also helps us realize how many times we may participate in the action of spinning daily.

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