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Under the Feathers: Salisbury men’s lacrosse’s Colin Reymann


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Colin Reymann 2
SU Senior Goalkeeper Colin Reymann (26) makes a save vs. Ohio Wesleyan while senior defender Aaron Leeds (44) looks on. Hannah Wichrowski photo

No. 26 Colin Reymann

Salisbury men’s lacrosse senior goalkeeper

Hometown: Catonsville, Md.

 What are your majors/minors and career aspirations?

“I am a Finance major, Investments track, accompanied by an Accounting minor. I am still seeking an employment opportunity, but would like to be an investment banker.”

What made you want to play men’s lacrosse at, or simply come to, Salisbury?

“Salisbury was the first school I visited on my ‘recruiting tour.’ Something just clicked after my parents and I toured the school with former player and coach, Chad Surman. After we met with coach Berkman, I knew Salisbury would be the right fit for me. Before I committed, I had a long talk with Johnny Rodriguez, who had also gone to Mt. St. Joe and assured me that the ‘Bury was indeed the school for me.”

What has been your favorite moment as part of SU men’s lacrosse while here at Salisbury, and why?

“Winning last years’ National Championship was by far my most memorable experience. There is no better feeling than being able to compete on the biggest stage and help the seniors and coaching staff win the ring that they deserved.

What do you enjoy about playing goalkeeper, and what do you believe that you bring to the team with your skill set?

“There is something special about playing goalie. Being able to be the last line of defense and play such a unique role is second to none. The mental toughness required to play goalie has inevitably taught me many lessons that have allowed me to grow both on and off the field. I believe that this toughness has given me the mentality to put forth my best effort every day in practice, making my teammates and me better.”

Looking back on your time here at SU, what will you take away from it as a student-athlete?

“Time management and a winning mentality. These two traits, I believe, give student-athletes at Salisbury the ability to succeed on the field, in the classroom and in life.”

As a senior in your final season, what has been different for you this season in terms of being a leader with more veteran experience?

“As a senior, I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for the game of lacrosse. Since the fall, I’ve made it my focus not to take any days for granted. It is hard to believe that this will be my last season wearing an SU uniform.”

What is your favorite part of Salisbury University Athletics or your team environment here at SU?

“Being a part of a team is something special, especially when it is a team with such a great legacy as Salisbury. Our team carries our relationships further than just on the field. It is always great to see ‘the boys’ on campus, in Commons, during weekends or late nights in the library.”

Colin Reymann
SU senior goalkeeper Colin Reymann (26) waits in the cage for a shot vs. Ohio Wesleyan. Hannah Wichrowski photo

What is your favorite part of campus life at Salisbury, and why?

“Seeing my teammates on campus, in particular Commons. It is assuring to know that no matter when I go to Commons, there will always be the same cast of characters sitting at the back table of Dorchester.”

What are your hobbies and interests off the field?

“I am very intrigued with finance. Right now, I am in a practicum in portfolio management class that manages a $750,000 investment fund. Apart from academia, I like to go to the beach during the summer and snowboard in the winter.”

Where is your favorite place to go for a meal or snack on- or off-campus? Favorite food?

“Cookout. It is starting to become a tradition at this point.”

What music do you listen to in order to get ready for game-time, or what do you like to generally listen to?

“Rap and house music.”

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