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A Hallway of Hair


Staff Writer

A staff member participating in the club’s event. Photo by Hannah Smutny.

Would you feel comfortable letting a stranger touch your hair or letting strangers into your personal space for a cause?

That is just what one of Salisbury University’s multicultural clubs set out to do last Friday in Salisbury University’s Link of Nations, a hallway filled with the flags of various countries from around the world. Members of the club Kinks & Curls for Boys & Girls stood throughout the hall holding signs reading “You can touch my hair” and encouraged people to come feel the different types of hair present.

The club Kinks & Curls for Boys & Girls states on their Facebook page that their mission is “to educate the Salisbury University campus community about ethnic hair and culture.” Club members said that the idea for the event came from watching a video online about two women in New York holding a similar event.

Focusing on educating people on the textures and styles of African American hair, the club members were not afraid to let people get up close and personal for their cause. Senior Briana Dugger, a member of the club, was happy about how much exposure the event was getting.

“We don’t mind addressing the elephant in the room with culture or race or whatever,” Dugger said.

Students who walked through the hallway to class, lunch or other destinations had varying reactions to moving through the event. Sophomore Mac Dignam said he enjoyed the energy and the experience.

“It was cool that they let me into their personal space,” Dignam said.

While some students were rushing about their daily activities and did not stop to take part in the event, the music, baked goods on sale and signs were enough to draw people in. Some students, like sophomore Justin Manko, were drawn in by the event but could provide different perspectives that the club may wish to consider for future events.

“It engages people but some people don’t like to touch other people’s hair,” Manko said.

The location in the Link of Nations provided the event with a high-traffic position between the Commons Dining Hall and several important services found in the Guerrieri Student Union building. This provided a variety of participants, including employees of the new Chick-fil-A, students, Faculty, staff and even a member of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office.

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