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Love is in the air


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Candles and hearts cover the tables. Photo by Alexis Gramates.

Conversations, laughter and red and white balloons filled the LED candle-lit Nanticoke room—it was Valentine’s Day round two.

Salisbury University’s National Association for the Advancement of Colored People held their first annual speed dating event on March 14. It was originally set for Feb. 14 during their founder’s day week, but because of scheduling issues it was postponed.

“We wanted to hold this event around our founder’s day, Feb. 12, 1909, but things were shifted,” Dominic Williams, a senior studying psychology and NAACP’s president, said.

This worked out in their favor; the association came up with the idea to have a second chance at love and throw Valentine’s Day round two.

“The whole point of this event was to get people out of their shell, come out and talk to someone they may not have talked to before. I know that almost everybody here knows each other in passing, but they never really talked,” Williams said. “We just want to bring people closer together.”

They had about 14 tables set up around the perimeter of the Nanticoke room in Guerrieri Student Union. The tables were set with pink and red paper hearts with LED candles alongside a set of ice breaker questions that each member of the association came up with.

Brittany Hayes, a senior majoring in psychology, attended the event. She decided to come to the event after she received an email about it.

“Everyone here is really interesting,” Hayes said. “I really enjoy the ‘what is the most reckless thing you have done’ question because I like hearing people’s stories.”

The men had to sit on the inside of the room as the women sat on the outside, making it easier for the men to switch tables every five minutes.

As the night went on, each conversation became more in-depth and the questions became easier. Five minutes started to seem like not enough time for some people, and there was a lot of talk about how they wanted to continue their conversations more.

At the end of the night, everyone walked away from the event with a new friend they can say ‘hi’ to on campus.

“I did not think it was going to be like this, I thought there was going to be more girls than guys,” freshman Naomi Stroman said. “Talking to people was the best part, and there are some really cool people here.”

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