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How to bounce back from a great spring break


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Sunshine, cold drinks, hanging out with friends and no worries of homework is what spring break is all about—until reality sets in, school starts back up and students find themselves struggling to get back into their routines.

Back on campus, the regular 7 a.m. alarm goes off, you roll out of bed and hope to get to class on time. During the sleepy walk across campus, the memories of the best spring break run through your mind.

The lecture starts and the stress follows right behind when hearing the amount of projects and tests coming right around the corner. You think to yourself, ‘why did I wait this long to prepare myself for this?’

Some tips to take with you before and after spring break are:

Always stay organized

It is okay to go away and enjoy your week off of school—this is why there is spring break. But, always remember that spring break is only a week long, so make sure you have things done before you go.

Prioritize your school work the week before you leave so that you are not stressing about that paper that is due the Wednesday we get back.

Do some work during down time

Sometimes there will be a break from the partying! If there is reading that is due why not read it while lounging by the pool, on the beach or even the plane?

When you come home, there will be less stress because of the little work you are getting done.

Plan the night before

Planning the week out on Sunday is great! But life happens, so when obstacles come about, just adapt.

Go through an agenda for the next day, plan out goals to be made and prioritize time and work. Even something as simple as planning your outfit the night before can majorly relieve stress.

Wake up with a purpose

Attack every morning as if it were the last one. One of the hardest things to do is not hit snooze.

Try putting the phone across the room so the only way to turn the alarm off is by getting up. Once you get up and walk around you will wake up, and start getting ready for the day.

Music warms the soul

Play music when stress kicks in; it is a good release and often times will bring up spring break memories. This is also a great study mechanism because when a student listens to music, it helps them with memorization.

Put in those headphones or turn on your speaker and motivate yourself to push through the last few weeks of school. The end is near!

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