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Top 5 study spots around campus


Staff Writer

Having trouble focusing in your normal study location? Looking for a new place to crack open your textbooks and focus? If you answered “yes,” then pop a look at the list below which features five new places you most likely never thought to bring your books and laptop.

  1. Above Hungry Minds Café. If you walk up the stairs located right next to Hungry Minds, you will find another location that looks just like the seating outside of Hungry Minds but is used for studying and eating. I have noticed that most people up there go to study; the environment is much quieter and you cannot hear the hustle and bustle of downstairs. The best part are the counter tops that overlook campus, perfect for looking up and admiring the view. The lighting is always bright due to the abundance of white and large windows, which is a great environment for getting work done. Lastly, another perk of this location is having easy access to printers, computers, food and coffee.
  2. Cool Beans. If you like studying with background noise or enjoy studying in a busier environment, Cool Beans is your place. Most people underestimate Cool Beans, only labeling it as a coffee shop, but Cool Beans is more than that. Not only can you support your coffee fix, but you can grab a seat in one of the comfortable chairs and write that paper you have been meaning to do.
  3. Outdoors. To be more specific, the gazebo next to the Guerrieri Student Union is a perfect study location for when the weather is nice. Most people also tend to overlook or not even notice this location because not many people are around this area of campus. Around the gazebo, there are multiple picnic tables, perfect for when you need to meet up with people from class for a group project. On the next nice day, be sure to take a walk to check out this location—it might be your next study spot.
  4. Third and Second Floor of the Library. The third and second floor of the library are the only two floors that have counter tops that overlook the pit. These are perfect spots for individual work and for your laptop because it has a convenient outlet every couple of seats. It is relatively quiet but not completely, so if you do not mind or prefer background noise, this is your location.
  5. Third Floor’s Quiet Section of the Library. Looking for a location for complete silence? This area is for you, then; there is no talking permitted, phones must remain on mute and headphones must not be loud enough to hear them. This is the perfect location to take that online test or quiz you are nervous about, due to the area surrounding you forcing you to concentrate.

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