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Doing big things at Big Event

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Gull Life Editor

The Salisbury Student Government Association (SGA) hosted their 13th annual Big Event on April 8, in which several recognized student clubs and organizations volunteered to go out into the Salisbury community and make a difference one house at a time.

Volunteers were assigned cleanup locations throughout the neighborhoods in which they helped residents with tasks such as raking leaves and weeding, though activities ranged based on the needs of the individuals.

Salisbury city administrator and SU alumna Julia Glanz spoke on behalf of the gratitude of Mayor Jake Day and the city of Salisbury.

“The city of Salisbury truly appreciates you,” Glanz said. “This really does make an impact in the community. So please, when you’re out there, get to know the folks you’re working with and get to talk to the neighbors. Hear their stories because they’ve got a lot to share.”

One group of volunteers spent the morning raking and bagging pine needles that covered the entire area of the back yard. However, they were not sent to the task alone.

Kenny Jones, Salisbury resident and photography teacher at Parkside, worked alongside the group to help get the job done in one session.

“There are a lot of reasons for yard conditions to be the way they are, and for the university to send out volunteers, for me, it was an act of love back to the community,” Jones shared.

The students enjoyed putting in the work just as much as the recipients loved the outcome.

Sophomore Jenna Rusk shared that her biggest takeaway was how happy all the people were when the job was done, and how kind and appreciative they acted towards the volunteers.

Around 550 students sacrificed their Saturday morning to participate in Big Event, some for a few years in a row.

“I like how everyone wakes up early on a Saturday to come together and help the community as a whole,” sophomore Jessica Wooster said. “This is my second year doing Big Event, and I always have a blast.”

SGA worked tirelessly to empty the seemingly endless reusable bags of leaves and sticks to return them quickly to the volunteers to reuse. The cycle did not end until every job site was complete.

Leroy Satchell, former administrative representative and alumnus of Salisbury University class of 2006, expressed tremendous gratitude for the service the volunteers provided him.

“What would I do without Big Event? The ladies were amazing and worked diligently,” Satchell said. “I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the task without Big Event.”

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